Post-pandemic Architecture

The world is going through a tough time. The pandemic has taught us humans a whole lot of things. Our perception of cleanliness and public behavior has been changed completely. Situations are still worse. And it looks like we do have to live with the virus for a long time. Return of the normality is far from our vicinity. The Covid-19 has made some huge impact on every industry out there. Construction industry had a lion share of it. The world is in a slow but steady resurrection process. Survival is the most important aspect now.

Hospitality business all over the world faced a major set-back during this crisis. As tourism and leisure activities are currently on a halt, the hospitality business is struggling now. The virus won’t be going away any soon. The question is how do we survive? Designers and architects all over the world need to re-think the designs to match the new norm. How do we go about making a hospitality business back to a working state? How do design a project according to the pandemic?

Let’s look at some basic yet competent ideas that may help you to make a strong comeback.

Perception of Hygiene

The most important aspect in both the building from the scratch and re-building process. Our approach to hygiene has been changed completely. Always keep in mind that, the guests should be able to see that their health has been preserved. To attain that, the places should have visible signs of hygiene. Avoiding instances to touch will be a huge plus. Automation of doors, health faucets, etc. will help boost up the process.

Proper Air-flow

Feeling of congestion is a big no in construction. The spaces should be roomy and the air flow should be pristine. Designing a room with maximum space utilization is key. The lighting of a space plays a huge part on making the space feel airy. Usage of high-caliber airflow system will be optimum for making the ventilation proper.

Building Functional Spaces

New age interiors should be multi-functional. The option to move and re-arrange items should be provided. Instead of dividing people and putting them inside claustrophobic and congested spaces, they can be accommodated in a functional space like this. Seating arrangements is a big factor. Keeping social distancing in mind, a space like this should encourage people to sit apart. Lighting and paint selection play a major role in here too. Removing unwanted partitions, usage of light-colored paints and proper lighting helps the space to become functional and cozy.

Eating Spaces

Restaurants are the main area which people gather by a huge number. People tend to forget about the issues that are going on while enjoying a good meal. An eating space should be designed with keeping the idea of social distancing in mind. Seating arrangement is key. Tables and chairs need to be placed within spaces in between. Traditional fine dining can be provided as buffet might not be interesting because of the exposure of food to airborne particles.


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