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the DESIGN-BUILD approach

What do our ancient temples, churches, the ancient pyramid or our traditional houses or commercial buildings have in common? They are all built using the time-tested Design & Build process, where ONE Master Builder was responsible for Designing and building those magnificent structures.

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Our Philosophy

Radianz is a residential & commercial architecture practice whose goal is to provide quality design and construction services that are innovative, environmentally conscious, and sustainable.

Our Missions

A clear vision defines the modern design of every Radianz product. The designs are created to be functional, with a strong focus on user experience and stylistic concepts.

Our Vision

Weaving together beauty and function, the great design captures imaginations, transforms organizations and brings return on capital investments. Design reinvigorates, reinvents and conserves resources. We place design at the heart of all our thinking and work.

Our Values
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Residential Projects
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Interior Projects

Spaces created with Care

Expertise & Experience
  • There is a tremendous advantage of working with a team which has a vast, all round Expertise & Experience - be it Architecture, Construction, Interiors, MEP, Landscapes etc.
  • Design-Build is about Commitment. where the Architect & Builder do their planning, brainstorming together.
  • Dedicated, Result Oriented team with decades of experience & expertise
Single Point of Responsibility
  • One entity, the Design-Build team, is accountable for the entire project, the quality of the project, the fit and finishes, workmen management, how much it costs and how fast the work is completed.
  • Design-Build focuses only on results, Not excuses.
  • Team work + Total Accountability = Zero Headaches for the Client
Exceptional Build Quality
  • The responsibility of delivering quality build products rests solely with the Design- Build a team and there is no looking back or any scope for excuses.
  • As such the Build Quality will be of a far higher grade and superb. An excuse is not at all possible in a Design-Build environment.
  • 99% of all failures come from a habit of making excuses.
Reduced Risk to the Client
  • Since a single entity is responsible for everything, the client can be at ease and will not have to don the role of a negotiator, between the Architect and the Contractor, the Interior designer or the landscaper.
  • The client will have peace of mind as there is no scope to get agitated or go crazy, as all the headaches are now taken care of by the Design-Build team.
  • Zero Risk + Peace of Mind = A Happy Experience
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What People Say

"The best thing about them is the positivity, flexibility, and professional approach of their team. They understood my requirements very well and came up with the ideal solution."
Sunil Akbar
"I had the opportunity to learn about the company through a friend of my family. It was really nice because the services offered were good! I've been away from home for so many years and had some hesitation before I could offer them a job, but they didn't let me down! Special mention to Mr Manoj, who is very professional and willing to accept suggestions and to do so as needed."
Nithin G Nair
Client of Company
"Very professional and articulate. Very pleased and satisfied with their work. The final product matches my ideas. Manoj and designers really help you to create exactly what you want which is quite a rarity amongst interior designers. So highly recommend them."
Mahesh J
Client of Company
"Extremely fortunate to have our new office interior work executed by Radianz. We shortlisted Radianz after multiple rounds of discussion with at least 8 similar firms. Much delighted to have our new office delivered within the budget and stipulated period exceeding all our expectations and exhibiting the highest level of professionalism and pragmatism. It was great learning for Cokonet too. Thanks to the Wonderful team under the Leadership of Mr Manoj. All are welcome to visit our office. Director, Cokonet Technologies Pvt. Ltd."
Nikhil Gopalan
Client of Company
"We engaged Radianz for one of our projects. They have been involved in the design from the outset and have been innovative and imaginative. Working with them has been easy and they fully understand what you require, the timescales and the constraints. They will not waste your money. An exceptional service matched with an excellent quality of work. We would certainly recommend radianz to all our acquaintances as we really enjoyed their vision and professionalism. Their service in all respects is excellent. Thank you Radianz, you did it with grace and professionalism that is seldom exhibited in these fast-paced busy lives we all have. A first-class friendly service that we would highly recommend to anyone. We look forward to the next one! "
Suraj Nair and Vimi Suraj
Client of Company