More of What You Should Know About Hiring an Architect in Trivandrum

If you have ever wondered why architecture is important, look around you. You are likely to be surrounded by it. Architects are the mega-minds behind those beautiful buildings. And probably the one you belong to now. Buildings are visual art that should be enjoyable to the common people as well. So, designing a residential or commercial project accordingly is an intricate task. An experienced contractor can build your house. But it won’t be specifically designed for you. That’s where an experienced architect with expertise comes in play.

A well-made plan is the core of a good construction phase. The quality of the architecture plays a major role in the space utilization and the future proofing aspect of a building. The ‘expertise’ of an architect will be evident in the design they provide. A master architect can nail the major aspects in the design side of things such as space utilization, lighting, zoning, and the overall look and feel of a space. A design provided by a local contractor won’t be even comparable to a drawing that’s done by a master architect. A contractor might be experienced in building houses that are bland. If you want your house to be your home, if you want your space to be personalized, you should approach an expert architect.

Let’s see the perks that you unlock by hiring an architect to build your home.

Making the home YOURS.

A home designed by a master architect will be made just for you. It’ll be made for you to take full advantage of. An expert architect will closely listen to all your needs and he/she will design your home accordingly. From understanding how your family lives in the home, where do you spend the most time and your livelihood pattern, they will put forward an architectural design that’s made specifically for you.

Space Utilization

If you are planning to build your dream home in a small property, building a small and congested home is the last thing you want to do. Apart from the size of your home, it should feel big and airy on the inside. How do you achieve that, you might ask? Well, that’s where the aspect of space utilization comes in action. A master architect will design your home with utilizing space as much as possible. Simple pointers like making an open kitchen, placement of the windows, artificial lights; can help to open up your space.

Easy on the Wallet

“Hiring an architect is costly” is a myth that we come across every day. But good architecture is all about building what you need the most. An expert architect won’t exceed the budget by imposing their own ideas and taste in your project. In fact, they will choose and design spaces that are multi functional to keep everything under the budget. The potential problems will be solved as the project moves on. This will also help with saving money.


The process of zoning is important in the architecture of a project. It is the process of zoning the spaces inside a building according to geographical conditions, sun path, wind path etc. For instance, the distance between a main road and the building is a prominent method of zoning. The main bedrooms will be zoned out accordingly to control the road noise. Like this, there are many ways to zone out spaces. Zoning according to heat, wind, privacy, accessibility; are some of the important ones.

Every architect has their own ideas and views. They all design differently. Finding the one whom suits for your needs is what you should focus. When hiring an architect in Trivandrum, do a complete research of how he/she designs, the materials they use and most importantly, make sure that they are aware of the space utilization. Best possible way to find out the above is to go through their previous works. Keep an eye on how they utilized the available space, what type of materials that they chose to work with, how well did they zone out the spaces etc.

After choosing your desired architect, schedule a meeting and communicate everything regarding what you need with absolute clarity. The more the information, the better your dream project. In short, when you hire an architect, they will improve the quality of your project. It also helps to make the life inside it better.