Is Nano-White a good tradeoff for marbles?

You have finished building your dream home. Major works like mechanical, electrical and plumbing is now completed and you are ready to jump into the exciting phase of interior designing. You get to choose the style, materials, colors and overall you are designing the whole vibe of your dream residence. If you want an insight on how to design your living space, read this article that we published some time back. It sure will help you.

So, back to the what we were discussing. The starting phase is where you get to pick stuff out for all your rooms in the house and you might be confused on what material to choose for the kitchen counter top. You have many options ranging from marble, wood, quartz, artificial granite etc.

In the recent years, the nano white has been one of the most loved counter top material by many people. Nano white crystallized glass generally known as nano white is a better way to replace white marble. It replicates the look and shine of a premium marble and it is much more durable. Strong, versatile and beautiful, the nano white material suits well for the counter top.

Is nano white actually good? Is it worth trading off with the marble? Let’s find out.

Remarkable Beauty

The nano white granites are known for their exceptional brightness. Though it is impossible to have pure white granite, the flecks and variation make it much more beautiful and inviting. These variations and designs make the nano whites add some warmth to kitchen and make it inviting.

Bright and spacious

The clean and sophisticated look of the nano white makes the room look bigger and lighter. These nano whites are extremely suitable for smaller kitchens as they make everything look spacious. The creamy white makes the space appear airier and gives a welcoming atmosphere. Even if your kitchen is big, the nano white does help bring up some light.

Harmonious Nature

The nano white has a complementary nature. This material has the ability to sit well with any color or material. The white color goes superb with any material and color. If you are looking to add a spark difference between white countertops and slightly darker color, you can add some dark cabinetry. It also enables you to pull off a minimal look as well.

Extreme Durability

The granite is one of the hardest natural stone on the globe. These surfaces are unlikely to get scarred by cutting or scraping while doing the basic kitchen activities. Besides this, a properly sealed granite is very much stain resistant and takes up wear and tear with ease. Most importantly, it conceals scratches and blemishes, small stains and water marks.

The Best Food Preparation Surfaces

As we already know that the surface is resistant to scratches it is also highly heat resistant. This makes the nano white an excellent surface to cook. You can cut your vegetables and place your hot pans on the surface without worrying. The fact that these surfaces do not harbor bacteria or mold any growth makes it hygienic and clean.

As we have an idea on the positive side of the nano white, here are some disadvantages that might be a problem for some people.

• Like all the granite the white granite also is really heavy. Installing it is quite tedious and expensive.
• Each slab of white marble is different patterns and color. So, having a uniform countertop can be a task.
• The white granite is quite porous and it needs to be sealed properly. Sealing a white marble is slightly on the tougher side.
• Amount of iron contaminant can be found on some of the white marble and it can oxidize over time if placed near wet areas.
• Because the stains are very much visible on a white granite, cleaning it on a regular basis can be a pain at times.


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