6 Best Interior Design Tips to Spice up Your Living Room

Designing a living room can be very tough. But this herculean task is really engaging and exciting. Every minute efforts that you put will be worth the time. The planning process alone will eat up a hefty amount of time. The trick to overcome this barrier is to plan well and ahead. It will be tough if you haven’t thought thoroughly and it can lead you into frustration.

The sole aim of designing a living room should be to make it presentable, neat and decent. Above all that, the living room should be made around your character and persona. The aim of this article is to help you achieve the above said peculiarities in your living room.

Pinpoint your Interior Design Need

The most important thing is to get to know your ideas. Before taking the huge leap towards the building phase, jot down what you need and make a base plan. After getting an idea of what you like and don’t like, contact a certified interior designer firm to get everything streamlined. An interior designer can grasp your ideas and can help you make your space amazing. Keep in mind to start from a theme and then select your colors, light fixtures and other decorations.

The Wall and Floor Combo

The walls and the floor should be treated as a combo while designing your living space. The materials incorporated on both these should be matching and should have a connection between them. The decorations on the walls should also be selected keeping this in mind.

The Floor Matters

Apart from being the platform for all your materials, floors are the glue that makes everything stick to the overall theme and mood. The appearance of the floor has a huge importance on the look and feel of the living space. Adding a carpet or rug that goes well with the overall theme can make everything go up a notch.

Don’t Overdo the Wall Décor

Do not fill up the four walls of your living area. While decorating your wall is a brilliant idea, the over doing of the same will be enough to ruin the mood of the living room. The best way to tackle this issue is to design a specific space to place all the decorations including, painting, picture frames, etc. that too leaving a breathing space.

Pick a Functional Sofa

Buy a sofa set that fits your theme and mood. It should be pleasing to the eye and should be comfy as well. Don’t buy a sofa for just the looks. It should encourage everyone to sit for longer times. Pick a sofa that won’t take up space in order to make your living area less crowded.

Ceiling and Lights: Another Important Combo

This combo is a tricky one. If you think you can get around with great lights, you are wrong. If the lighting fails to give a spark element to your ceiling, it can be felt as half baked. The lighting has the capacity to create uniqueness inside the living space. To utilize that peculiarity, you can always mix and match between warm and cool light shades. From the placement of a light and the type of a light fixture, it can improve the perceived size of a room. It should be simple yet gorgeous.

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Importance of the Theme and Mood

Create an ambiance that sticks well with your whole home. The mood of the room will be based on the theme that you go with. The theme of your living room will be based on the materials, colors and decorations that you choose.

To sum things up, the living area is the most important space in a house. It should welcome the guest and it needs to speak what you live for. The living room should encourage people to talk and have fun for long duration.


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