Four things to Know Before Building an Open Kitchen

From watching your favorite show on TV to having lively conversations with the family while cooking, the open kitchen concept suits well with the informal lifestyle. It also goes perfect with a modern house design. But, designing one is an intricate task. The process of creating a seamless transition between the living, dining and the kitchen is quite difficult to crack.

What is Open Kitchen?

An open kitchen is design concept to improve the room space inside the home in by reducing the barriers between the rooms. This concept has less walls and is designed to function well and showcase the ingenious design. The open kitchen is also a better option for houses with less space. This concept will help open up the whole house and gives it an airy feel. If you are planning on building an open kitchen, here are four things to know before building one. Also read on for a bonus point.


One of the most obvious advantage that you achieve is space. Less walls to worry about. The airy feel of this space will encourage family time. You can socialize with family and friends while you are cooking. Also, if you have kids you can always keep an eye on them. Integrating a tiny countertop will be optimum for having a quick meal.

Choice of Modules

Choice of modules and the appliances is key when it comes to an open kitchen. If you have a big family with elders and kids, noisy appliances and cabinet doors can be a pain at times. As there are no walls to muffle the noise, make sure to choose appliances that work silently and fit soft close drawers and cabinets. And also, go with shuttered cabins to hide all the clutter.


Lighting is one of the most important aspect in the open kitchen concept. As there are no separation between the dining and the kitchen, the lighting should be provided accordingly. Playing with lights is very easy. You can create a difference between the spaces by giving them separate focus lighting. Including a natural light source will be helpful to create proper ventilation and lighting.

Importance of a good chimney

A good quality chimney is very important in an open kitchen. When compared to a traditional kitchen, the cooking fumes will spread the entire house. Though the aroma of good food is nearly irresistible, but it might not be enjoyable for everyone. A good chimney will be helpful to maintain the ventilation in the kitchen as well.


When building an open kitchen, keep an eye on the color scheme. You can incorporate a popping color to spice up the design of your home. And, if you are someone who loves to hang pictures and souvenirs on the wall, an open kitchen will disappoint you. The wall space will be restricted by a huge margin.

Here is a project done with open kitchen concept –


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